Commercial Law & Contracts

We understand our clients' businesses and the objectives our clients' wish to achieve in delivering comprehensive and accurate contracts and/or advisory services.

Tax Law

Whether tax applies to natural persons or juristic persons, the practice of navigating the hazards of taxation can become frustrating and costly. We advise and guide you on the most favourable approach in structuring your tax affairs for best efficiency.

Insurance Law

We are experts in the field of insurance and the practice of insurance law and act on behalf of insured parties and financial institutions. Whether your matter relates to commercial or personal lines insurance claims matters, we can assist.

Wills & Deceased Estates Administration

The estate of every deceased person must be reported to the relevant local office of the Master of the High Court and a representative or executor must be appointed to administer such deceased estate. Our services extend to the drafting of Wills and the administration of estates as executor or agent.

Litigation & Labour Law

Litigation is by nature a calculated risk and a course of action which needs to always be considered with care before being embarked upon. We are experienced in the undertaking and the prosecuting of our clients' interests in both the High Courts, Labour Courts, Lower Courts and CCMA.

Family Law

From the facilitation of ante-nuptial contracts to the commencement and conclusion of a divorces and everything in between, we offer our services in assisting our clients' with the pursuit and protection of their personal and patrimonial interests.

Exton Attorneys

Exton Attorneys is a South African commercial and litigation firm with over 10 years experience in servicing multinationals, listed companies, financial institutions and entrepreneurs. 

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